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Enter either your original remote control number or the model number of the equipment the remote is intended for below to search for your replacement remote.

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Welcome to Sony Remote Controls

At Sony Remote Controls we are dedicated to supplying replacement remote controls for Sony electronic equipment, ranging from TVs, VCRs and Audio systems. The remotes that we supply are dedicated copy remotes that carry out all of the original remotes functions.

Sony LogoIt is important to note that there is no setup or programming required at all with any of the remotes we supply, simply insert batteries and your ready to go.

How to find your required replacement Sony remote control

To ensure you receive the correct remote control for your desired euipment you must locate either the model number of the equipment that your remote is intended for (i.e. your TV or DVD player) or the original remote control number.

The model number of your equipment can be found on your device, for a television remote the model number can usually be locate on the back of the TV. If you still have your original remote then the remote number can either be found on the front of the device or on the back. Sometime the remote numer may be printed inside the battery compartment.

Sony RemoteOnce you have this number simply enter it in he search box to the left of this page to view the remotes we have available.

If you are having difficulty in locating your required information then please either call us on 0845 838 6182 (between 10 am and 6 pm Mon - Fri) or check our search help page - Click here to view this page.